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Well there is definitely no shortcut to success when we are talking about the ecommerce business world, but there are obviously some tips that could be really handy while considering Facebook ads for Ecommerce. Because Facebook marketing dimensions have changed, no doubt, as the average return on investment from Facebook ads in ecommerce is 152%. What’s the holdup? There are already over 2 billion advertisements out there. How do you get the user attention? Follow these essential tips for Facebook ads strategy for Ecommerce and you will see the numbers flowing in.
Below is your complete guide for Ecommerce Facebook ads strategy

1. AIDA blueprint for better quality

Use AIDA model to improve the chances of getting a better impact from the audience. Facebook ad limits you to use 90 characters. So use AIDA to make most of it. What is AIDA?

Attention: Get to the point from the word go while writing your headlines. i.e., Back in Sale- Levi’s skinny fit jean

Interest: Let your audience know about the benefit of the product; i.e., soft & durable with 2x stretch

Desire: Ignite their desire by targeting them with ads that has discount or offer values as an incentive for their clicks. This improves the CTR by a huge margin. Try this one.

Action: Always have a Call to Action like Shop Now or Get Offer in every ad that you create.

2. Image speaks

The first thing any one notices from your ad is the image quality. So if there’s anything that brings in a new user, all credits to your choice of image used in the ad. 


Predicting CTR from the image quality is highly possible, as some features are proven to bring in some great CTRS.

Good quality image increases ROI and attracts more clicks than usual.
Aspects to be noted while choosing an image:
Human faces strike a great connection with the users. So bring in a familiar face or any face that restores faith in the brand or product.

Do not confuse your user with a host of elements in your image. Shift the focus to your product with minimum elements surrounding it with a purpose.

Always use a close up shot capturing the emotions of the people in the image; this will improve your overall CTRs.

3. Target people with relevant interest

Facebook is a huge marketing place. You can’t go there without a strategic plan of eliminating generic audience. Because most of the ads fail as you tend to target people with a product that they don’t have any connection or interest over.

 Get rid of this hurdle by understanding the user persona and then targeting them with a product that can connect with them easily.

There are tools you can use to create buyers persona, as this will help you save a lot of time by not wasting any moment on broader people who has got nothing to do with your products at any cost.

I have made over 30 million of revenue from Facebook ads in just one year. Have a look at how I milked the most from Facebook advertising for my Ecommerce client

4. Creating user urgency

Do you like missing out on a good deal? Especially when you see a clock ticking or the number of availabilities dropping down? This is exactly why Facebook records a good number of CTRs by using words that trigger the call to action from a user at the earliest possible. This is you perfect Facebook ad tips for Ecommerce marketing in 2020.

How do you create user urgency without forcing them outright?

Show the number of products left in stock, nobody wishes to lose out to someone their favourite product. i.e., if you are selling a hoodie, make the availability status as, stocks running out, 2 left in stocks.
Draft a specific time range till the product sits in the offer range. You can either go for the traditional offer ends soon or offer valid till 24th of July.

5. Retarget people who added to cart

Numbers as staggering as 70% are the total visitors checking out from a website after adding a specific product to their cart according to a report. Now that’s a large room of potential buyers we are looking at. And no businessmen would want to lose out their potential customers who have already shown interest in their product.

All you need is to retarget them and just a pat on their back to complete their purchase.

The concept here is to retarget them with ads that has the specific product they added to cart, with a link straight to the payment page and maybe a headline like “the product still waits in your cart”.

There are many reasons why the user walked out amidst making a purchase. Maybe he wanted to purchase it later, asked a friend for his opinion or maybe he doesn’t want to make the payment at that moment. There could be many yet you never know the exact reason so retarget them with more of a generic induced message on the ads.

6. Gift them in return for a referral

Maybe it’s about time to get the friends of your existing customers to get converted. A word of mouth can go a long way in ensuring new people checking out your product. You can either use email or Facebook ads to ask your existing customers to make a referral.

In-return always make sure you appreciate their gesture and gift them with referral points or coupons or discounts.

Building a referral program offers you a strong pillar of social followers who infact act as your brand advocates for a longer time as long as the chain of referral program continues. After a specific time the program might reach to point Z from A while you never even notice.

7. Create lookalike audiences

Who are lookalike audience?

Lookalike audience are the exact mirror reflection of your current customers with matching interests, social attributes and same preferences.

Why do you need to create and target Lookalike audience?

In simpler words, all you need is a little nudge to push the lookalike audience to make a purchase while it takes a lot of time and persuasions to convert a generic set of audience.

Here’s a quick video on how to create lookalike audience in a campaign.

Personalizing your content for the lookalike audience from the same ads you used for your existing customers with minor tweaks, can uplift the conversion rate by 89% overall.

8. Give them contest

Facebook contests are the best way to engage with your audience. This also works wonders for your ad campaign and a proven strategy in bringing new audience to try out your product.

People love surprises; I mean is there anyone who hates winning stuffs?

So entertain your audience with new contests, and perhaps you can club contest and referral idea together here to make an even greater impact. This is how exactly giveaways work in social media.

Even if the user doesn’t win the contest, they had a great time engaging with your brand, which in turn increases your brand value. Next, they brought in their friends who are new potential customers on their way. 

Follow Facebook guidelines for contest ads or you will be restricted to run campaigns again.

9. Use video in ads

The latest fad in the town making rounds in Facebook world, Video ads. Facebook has now become the popular hub of videos, news and video memes that reaches the social platform even before the television.

Cash in on this and upload a video in the Facebook and then use Facebook ads to make it reach millions of new people.

The key aspect here is to make affordable video with right quality and then market it on Facebook.

The above format is the new Facebook video ad format aimed at making Ecommerce easier.

Make sure these things are met;

Use a qualified videographer and equipments to capture your video.
Don’t create the video too lengthy that will put people to sleep and don’t make it too short which will let people get lost in confusion.
Make an appropriate duration video with the products taking the centre stage and the brand appearing at the last few minutes sealing your band image with the users.

10. Email sign ups with ads

Retargeting ads will make you to shell out few bucks every time you run a campaign. Another good way to overcome this is to run ads that ask for an email sign up form. This not only reduces the money spent on Facebook ads but also acts as a great way to get leads from ads.

Email is your answer for a professional follow up mail that can make your brand look more classy and sophisticated and it also ensures a healthy relationship with the customers.

So create ads that encourage Email sign ups. This will double up your chances of getting leads. And perhaps your choice of marketing strategy through Email can result in conversions.


There’s no proven prototype for an ad copy that works all the time with people. Every user is different and the idea is to personalize the content and hit them with creative contents.

Create an ad flow and monitor the performance each ad types return, optimize the ads and experiment with your ad copies. Please comply by the Facebook ad policies and guidelines before you start creating ad contents

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