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You can’t turn a blind eye to Facebook ads if you are into business especially the ones associated to eCommerce. Facebook ads blooms as a businessmen’s paradise with over 2 billion active users everyday and chances of your customer using Facebook is sky high. This proves to be one of the most profitable outbound platforms to position your ads.

Choosing Google search ads as a part of inbound marketing, you already have right audience marching towards your website since they are looking for you.

With outbound marketing, the interesting and challenging part of the job is to identify and target the right audience who might be interested in your product.

Let’s say you are selling a product intended for mothers of new born babies. If you are advertising in the newspaper or TV, chances of reaching out to new mothers are way too less. Investing a decent budget on advertisement that doesn’t give back fruitful result is never a good sign for any business. With Facebook ads, you already have a clear database of its users, making your work half done already by targeting mothers of new born babies.

Thanks to its power to optimize and narrow down the audience segment, a new set of businesses has started to bloom. Without this feature, many wouldn’t have even been existed as there was no way to target a specific audience or even to identify right users through any marketing channels.

Ride upon the Facebook stride to grow your own business or develop your existing one.

1. Targeting the Right Demographics

Facebook ads lets you reach out to audience based on location, age and gender. You can even target them with custom audience feature that you learn later in this article.

Facebook Ads

Targeting based on age and gender was never into existence before stressing how powerful and effective Facebook marketing prove to be.

2. Targeting the Right Interests

Not just based on demographic, you can even target them based on their personal interests.

Facebook tracks about its user’s interest by knowing what they post on their profile, websites they visit and like.

For example, consider yourself selling a digital marketing tool, you start a campaign to target audience those who are interested in digital marketing.

Facebook Ads

You can also eliminate people with interests that don’t fall under your potential customer list. You can further specify your audience list by adding more interests to filter the list.

After setting the right interests and demographics, Facebook will take the liberty of showcasing what your estimated audience you can reach will look like.

Facebook Ads

With also a rough estimation of your result based on the past data, this turns out to be real effective and useful.

Facebook Ads

Since Facebook Pixel is installed, it estimates that I will be getting 250-754 conversions a day.

3. Facebook Pixel

Pixel is a code plugged into the backend of your website. Most people visit your page on the same device they have their Facebook account logged into. Being still logged in while surfing, Facebook manages to track the pages a user visits.

Thanks to Pixel, you can get build your own custom audience and custom converstion. You will also be having a look into the audience insights that lets you know about the demographic and interests of the people visiting your page.

Facebook Ads

With my audience insights, I can have a look at my audience age, gender, relationship status and even education level. That’s interesting.

4. Custom Audience

As claimed earlier, you can build custom audience using Facebook Pixel.

Using audience manager, you can create an audience of only the people that visit your product page. This makes it easier for you to target them with ads of your product proving to be real effective.

You can also create a custom audience of people checking your career page and then run ads to people that are interested to take up a job in your team.

You can create custom audience in the audience section of the Facebook ads manager.

Create a rule based on page visits.

Facebook Ads

Website traffic custom audience is one type of audience. Lets you create more types of custom audience like uploading a customer file with contact details or purely based on mobile app usage.

You can dig deeper into audience subject with our strategically drafted Facebook Ads Targeting Audience to increase your overall sales

5. Facebook Lookalike Audience

Facebook lookalike audience is a set of new group of users that you can bring under your targeting radar since their interests is as same as your existing customers. Facebook helps you to optimize the list of lookalike audience for you to create a target set of audience.

Facebook Ads

The most important aspect of using lookalike audience is to identify and narrow down the like minded people similar to that of their existing ones to improve their product sales in a quicker time and in an efficient way.

6. Use Video in Facebook Ads

There wouldn’t be any better way to express your ideas than a creative video content. The latest tad among the social media platforms are videos. It’s fun, to the point and also acts as a great way to communicate with the audience. Cashing in on this sudden surge will let you walk back with handful of sales for sure.

Video ads don’t just make any user pay attention to it, but also creates an underlying emotion that connects with them on a large scale. Video ads if done right, has the power to communicate about your service or products in a way that reaches the audience emotionally strong enough to convert them as a customer. 

There are enough things in Facebook already to keep the audience busy and occupied. So for you to make an even stronger impact, enable autoplay option aswell. This is the best way for a faster engagement with the audience.

Learn from your video stats. Not all video ad content tends to be the people’s favourite. Use only those that perform really well to pull enough crowds in already bustling Facebook.

7. Brand Value

Should the audience trust in your brand, the conversions rate will also be given the necessary boost. Always try creating your brand value through Facebook ad that significantly talk about your brand and product setting up the much needed connection between the audience and brand. It creates reputation among the audience and with a good word-of-mouth, the audience will naturally develop a trust in your service that seals the deal for you. This is your ultimate key for setting up your brand as a people’s favourite. 

Make sure you give an overview about your brand to the audience so they can have a clear-cut idea on what they are signing up for.


The importance of Facebook marketing holding a place in your journey of growing your business is incompatible. Join in the trend and cash in on Facebook ads to make the most of it. With over 2 billion active users, you possibly can’t go wrong with it.

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