How to Write Facebook Ad Copy That Convert (With Examples)6 min read

Ever wondered how to create your Facebook ad to make people buy your product?

We will be looking at ways to construct and develop Facebook Ad copy to transform your audience into potential buyers of your products.

1. Study Customer Preferences And Needs in Interactive Groups

It is obviously quite hard to get specific and accurate customer research data, especially if you are a marketer. We can’t blame customers, since they are usually too busy to fill in the survey forms that actually matters or maybe they aren’t interested at all.

Worry not; Facebook group is here for you. Join groups where your set of target audience exists and ask them questions that answer your queries. It is useful for them as well since they are interested in engaging in conversation with others especially peers to create a network. Pitching your questions sensibly might get you accurate response from them.

Don’t limit yourself with just Facebook groups, keep an eye out on interactive platforms to understand customer needs and preferences. Youtube videos and comment section, Instagram, Blogs and even forum can really be handy in understanding what exactly does an user needs and build your ad on that idea to make it easy for you to penetrate through user’s mind.

Being in Facebook groups also lets you get an upper hand in understanding customer’s mind which in-turn gives you creative ideas to create ad sales copy to reach out to them. Never forget to ask only the question that matters for you to get that most important information which you can use on your Facebook Marketing ads.

Or even better, go to different groups to gain an even wider knowledge on your target audience.

Never forget to ask important questions to the customer to draw out the basic information on what he/her expects from your product.

Take for example you are selling video editing software. Here all you need to know is the customer’s preferences and intentions behind choosing their favourite editing software. So ask questions sensibly like;

What’s your favourite editing software?

Why did you choose that?

With help of relevant interactive platforms, you will be able to find the solutions for their needs.


2. Converting research ideas into Ad copy

After completing your research on customer issues and needs, identify their problematic areas and pain points. Now all you got to do is to give importance to the most common or critical pain points of them.

Start creating your Facebook ad copy by addressing the customer’s pain point as the keyword and main pillar. This will assure them that this product might be their solution to their underlying issues. A better intro of the product ad copy will draw intense attraction from its users.

Data based Facebook ads

Take a look at this Facebook ad copy of CoSchedule.

What’s the selling point here? The ad hits nail on the head with delivering its message. The ad grabs customer’s attention by addressing the pain point marketers face, organizing the marketing. A bustling marketer knows the struggle in opening 8+ tabs in their PC and KPIs that needs numerable tasks to hit.

CoSchedule paid heed to these problems and wrote an ad copy that straight away pulls the marketers.

Aspiration-based ads

All those peers advice is to reach out to the customers with the lists of benefits they have to offer with their product or services. But to make a stronger impression, you got to hit an even better spot than just addressing the benefits. You are required to touch their dream or aspiration quotient to keep them engaged with our ads.

For example, take a look at this Facebook ad copy from Justlearn

The ad makers were clever here to trigger their dream quotient by assuring them it’s never too late to learn.

Justlearn offers users to hire tutors at the comfort of their home to learn new languages with ease. That’s rightfully carried throughout this ad copy by not just claiming that the customers can hire tutors but also assuring them it’s not too late to start learning.

This is very important aspect in reaching an audience mentally that can convert them into buyers in a whisk.

To make a successful aspiration based ad, you need to get your audience’s attraction from the word go. Hit them up with your punchy taglines, creative one liner, and effective blurbs which is visually appealing and also subtly indicates this as not just a solution to their problems but also as a medium for them to achieve their dreams.

Problem -based ads

While writing Facebook ad copy focusing on problems, keep in mind that you need your audience to agree with something or everything you claim. This shows that they have paid their complete attention to your ad.

Take a look at this ad copy from Asana

This ad copy wastes no time in getting right into the problems faced by the customers. The ad straight out reaches to its core customers and addresses their issues they face round the clock i.e. wasting time.

The ad copy is creative, jovial and also has potential taglines making sure to posses all basic ingredients to make a customer invest his/her time and money into the product.

Offer Based ads

Promotional based ads never fail to grab the audience’s attention at first glance. Make sure you always communicate your offers prominently while running promotional based ads.

For instance, consider this offer based ads from Arcido

The numbers on this ad copy straight away catches the viewers attention from the word go. Offer based ads are always easy to promote thanks to its discount factor that vibes really well with the customers.

We can’t blame the customers. Who doesn’t really love an offer?

When creating a promotional based ad, always make sure to use keywords or numbers that highlight the offer or discount the customers will receive. This will help you in taking the message direct to its customers.


You need an eye for detail while creating ad sales copy. It is nowhere close to what blog writing looks like. You need to understand the problems faced by the customers and also the solution they wish to attain, all this with a good selling skills to hit the nail. When you use all these skills, it will automatically be converted into sales.

Be sure to use right keywords to take your ad copy to its customers. Marketers are so held up with tools and strategies that they fail to engage with people in real world to identify the key aspects.

Understand the customers, feel their pain points, find them solution and witness your sales number ringing high.

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