How We Generated Over 2832 Registration & Kr.41k Sales Through Facebook Ads In 3 Months4 min read

We have had our fair share of struggles in understanding the Facebook Ad campaign world before. It took us patience and determination to penetrate through the market for a better understanding and to generate quality sales for our clients.

We delivered sales worth Kr.40k quality leads for our client’s language learning platform using our Funnel Method

Client’s problem

When we first had a word with our client, we realized that their older Facebook ads were not converting into expected sales figures. Now the task rests upon us to fix this issue and target appropriate audience with creative ads to set the sales figures ringing.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to go all guns blazing with no actual plan. So the first thing we worked on was to analyze the market they were dealing with and use our Funnel Method to get audience hooked on to our client’s product.


In simpler terms, it is about converting strangers to customers.  It’s easier said than done. Isn’t it?

Based on Funnel Method, we use Facebook marketing objective, target audience and also product position. This method proves handy in narrowing down our client’s target audience, making it easy for us to move on to our next stage.

What are our 3 stages?

Stage 1: Educating & Product Page Content

We made the users to read our help resources or more information on our product. This helps the users in understanding more about our client’s language learning services. The primary goal was to make them invest their quality time in understanding our product which may help to drive them to sign up with our client.

You can have a look at the overall footfalls for our blogs and articles from the above photo. Those numbers indicate our significant audience.

Stage 2: Offer

Once done with reading the content of the product, most of the targeted audience proceeds to our next stage in Funnel Method, Offer. As planned users need to be hooked on with our client’s product so we gave them with the exclusive 7 days free trial or trial lesson to keep them intrigued.

In stage 2, some of the total users visited the page converted as clients while the rest didn’t. So the non-converted users are focused in the stage 3.

Stage 3: Retargeting

After checking out or registering, we retarget them gently to keep them interested in our product. Retargeting them is effective and simple since we have identified core audience through our Funnel Method. Retarget the users till they get converted into our client’s customers.

At stage, the overall Ad relevance score is above average.

Our job doesn’t end there. We target them again to make sure they book at least 5 lessons with us. That’s one quality our client loves in us.

How did our ad content work?

Our team worked day in and day out to create tantalizing educational contents like articles and videos to get the users to click on the post.

Only after which we were able to implement our Funnel Method to narrow down the audience we need.

Not just any article or videos could have got us the numbers. We carefully crafted the articles, videos with a sole intention of getting users to pay attention to us. The article also provided the users as a tool to understand our client’s product upfront leaving them with plenty of time to think if they want to sign up for the product or not.

Most of the users did sign up with us in stage 2, we happily blame it on our creative contents.

Take a look at our results from helping our client;

We were able to generate a good number of 182 sales from our 32 overall ad sets. The 182 sales figures were profitable to our client and well within their overall sales bracket.

Happy Client

We go to extends to meet our client’s expectations. It’s always been a pleasure to put a smile on their faces. For every meaningful 100kr spent on our advertising, we returned them with 1 valuable customer. That’s quite a profitable number for their business. And words of compliments put us on our trial to achieve even higher numbers.

What’s In Store For You?

Well, we take ‘put a smile on a face’ a little too seriously. We strive hard to make ad contents appeal to masses that is capable of bringing our clients new customers. Our method has been time proven to be really helpful in narrowing down the audience for our clients.

Need a Friend to handle your Facebook Ads? Feel free to contact us and see your sales number ringing!

Watch this space for more success stories to come up!

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