What to Do When Purchases Are Zero in Your Facebook Ads5 min read

Shelling out some hefty bucks on Facebook ads with zero purchases in return must be a heartbreak for sure. Leaving you with an even bigger question, ‘what next?’
Well, Even I had to go through the rough phase initially and that’s exactly when I decided to start from the scratch to build my ad on a better perspective.
I have listed down the important aspects to look into when your ad returns zero results.

Test Your Pixel

Ever wondered why sales on your site don’t reflect on your Facebook ad? Blame the pixel. Being the brand owner, all you have to do is test the pixel before setting off the ad campaign again. Trust me when I say it makes a huge difference.

You can use the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension to test the pixel

2.Quality Score

Always keep an eagle eye on your Quality score. Optimize the audience and ad copy to maintain the score above average and remember, lesser the score worse the result.

3. Audience Behavior

There are cases where users visit your page but fail to respond. This calls for a different measure, try to gain their attention with distinctive concepts like OFFER/FREE Trial, FREE Webinar, Free resources and similar videos which I have shared.
Here are 2 things you need to look at;

  • Conversion rate is less and users leave from the product page

Here you need to check if all the sources are not being converted or just the Facebook users.

Through Facebook ads, users visit and register on your site but are not converted into a potential leads? That’s when you lay hands on the user data, to understand and analyze why this happens.
Based on the user heatmap, you can narrow down all the shortcomings and areas to rectify

If you consider an example that happened to one of my clients, people visiting or registering with our page to learn the language never showed up for the second time or the number of returns was comparatively lesser than the registers.

This asked us for a follow up with them to turn them into a lead.

  • Users Purchase Behavior

Check whether the users are converted on the first visit or through re-targeting. Pay close attention and you can see 78% are from the returned users.

Re-targeting with different concepts like OFFER/FREE, Webinar, Free resources.

All you have to do is to get the registration done through Facebook ads and do a follow-up with them through email marketing.

4. Shopping behavior; Traffic, Add to cart & Initiate Checkout User

You need to compare these actions to know exactly where the people are engaged and where they aren’t. Follow the steps below to understand user shopping behaviour.

 Google Analytics – Conversion – Ecommerce – Shopping Behaviour.

Well the good news now is with this comparison you get to know when a user leaves without making a purchase that sets the base for you to act upon.

5. Take A Survey

If you are unclear on the audience’s behaviour, it’s always a better idea to let the audience take up a survey to know their personal interests as a pop up window when they are about to leave the site.

Making it a piece of cake to understand why they are taking the hard decision of leaving our site. Bad luck!!

6. CTR

Click Through Rates is basically clicking on the ads. I can’t stress you enough of the CTR’s importance in understanding how people click on our ads. Keep a check on that.
If the CTR is below 1%, you have to look at the ad copy or audience to improve the CTR above the industry benchmark.

7. Target Audience

You will get away with a low quality ad if the target audience is right and to your surprise, there might even be a good range of engagement. As you’ve guessed it, a super attractive ad will be left behind by wrong set of target audience with no engagement.

Optimize and try out new audience if the CTR and Quality score is way less.

8. Audience Size

Your Facebook retargeting audience size is small & null?

Ever heard ‘size does matter’?, Well not really sure if it matters out in the real world but with smaller Facebook regtargeting audience, the road to understand the audience is no walk in the park.
Normally for a general group of audience, Facebook take its time to understand the right audience for you and with the current customer’s behaviour, Facebook will assess the newer audience.

If your audience size is zero or null, you have to understand Why Your Ad Break down Results Are Zero or Null

9. User Flow

With a quick look at user flow, you can identify the page with more drops allowing you to optimize its content, images and speed for a better flow.

Under the Audience section in the Google Analytics, you can see the User Flow. It look like this

10. Affiliate Traffic

Getting traffic from affiliate program may not always be from the right users. Running the retargeting campaign will let you know whether the audience is correct or not. Block any scam or irrelevant traffic sources.

11. Design & Layout

If you think the design is main culprit for the reduced sales, its high time you follow these points mentioned below;

  • Analyze the user heatmap/behaviour and speed on which make preferable
    changes on the design and UX
  • You need to know what users do on your site to make changes on design
  • Use crazy egg/VWO to analyze the user activities


These are the possible ways to look at the metrics & ideas to increase your Facebook ads sales.

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